"Devoted to expressing movement artistically impressive, she achieves it very successfully, being concerned with the motif of a woman figure in motion, in her triptych of big dimensions, as well as in the series of individual graphics. As the effect of that, the linearity of her artistic imprint is strongly rendered."

"Mentioned characteristics of the woodprint in color of Mihaela Cristinel Becejski, as well as the ones impossible to comprise in words, especially when we deal with realms of poetic nature, have the effect of creating an out-of-time dimension of reality; in addition to having the ability of artistic communication about different evolutionary periods of art, past and present."

Grozdana Sarcevic, art critic

"The subject basis of the displayed graphics is conditionally being determined by its very title " Liberation". However, identification of the direct motif of inspiration from the symbolic point of view - emancipation - affirmation - the liberation of woman, could be interpreted, as well, as a supposition. The initial determination of the content becomes the second plan of the conditioning of the artistic act, which primordially depends on some complex facts originating in the mysteriousness of the creation and the impossibility of the exact determination of the creative impulse condition. The motif of woman and her emancipation as a supposition of the subject content still has to be comprised with more complex meaningful determiners - the complexity of the metaphorical character. In this way, the unilateralism of the content layer identification acquires a more universal significance which only conditionally corresponds with the concrete visual performance."

Milos Arsic, art critic

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