Your own concept

If you have always dreamed of a painting of specific dimensions, content or colors, but never had the chance to find one because some element of the painting just didn't fit into your idea of it, this is your opportunity!

If you prefer graphics of yellow color because they match perfectly with your living room furniture, JUST ORDER THEM! If you prefer small graphics of gray color because you want to achieve a certain atmosphere in the room they will be hanged, JUST ORDER THEM.

If you prefer graphics of big dimensions with animals, nature landscapes or of abstract content, JUST ORDER THEM.

In the process of creating it, you will be periodically informed abot the stage in which your graphic is and you will receive e-mails with scanned images of the yet unfinished graphic in different stages on your request. Stage-to-stage consulting via e-mail can also be done. The payment method is via check or money order. Please fill in and send the form for more details.

There is no combination of dimension, color and content that cannot be achieved. Eventually, you will find it a dream come true: you will get the very image of the concept you desired!

Go ahead and order! Really, can you find a better place where your artistic dreams come true?!

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